• Have no knowledge on the different strokes/techniques

  • Have never blown bubbles/reluctant to put face in the water

  • Can only move around the pool with support or with floats


  • Enter water safely

  • Blow bubbles/comfortable with water showered from overhead

  • Can swim with/without the use of floats on front and back for at least 2 – 5 metres

  • Can float on front and back for at least 5 seconds

Improver 1

  • Can confidently jump into the water of a minimum depth of 1 metre

  • Can swim on front and back for at least 5 – 10 metres without support or floats

  • Starting to rhythmically blow bubbles

  • Exit water safely without support

Improver 2

  • Can swim 20 – 25 metres on front and back with good technique

  • Can push and glide with an understanding on breaststroke

Advanced 1

  • Swim 25 metres and above with very good technique on front and back

  • Performing breaststroke in correct routine

  • Have an understanding on butterfly

  • Tread water for more than 30 seconds

Advanced 2

  • Completely confident swimming over 25 metres on front/back/breaststroke and butterfly with very good technique

  • Starting to achieve their challenges