TUESDAYS, 8:15 PM - 9:00 PM

£8.00 (£6.00 CONCESSION for aspire members)

Working up a sweat our indoor cycling class is an incredible low-impact way to burn calories and tone up your muscles. You can reap the benefits of cycling miles without having to leave the gym! We’re not going to lie, our classes are intense and physically challenging, however they're also great fun, motivating and utterly mood-boosting!

This class is fantastic for shedding calories, improving your cardiovascular ability, increasing your stamina, and also toning your legs, glutes and core. Our spinning class is surprisingly low-impact on the knees and ankles and is exceptionally effective for building an overall leaner body.

At CycleSpin, steady-paced intervals are broken up by high intensity incline stints, which will really get your heart rate racing. If you are new to spin classes and are concerned you won't keep up with the pace, don’t worry – our fantastic instructor will push you according to your abilities. Each class is as hard as you make it – if you can't match the speed or intensity of the class, you can stick to a level that you feel comfortable with.